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This guide includes 


- 60 slide long PDF 

- Tips on form

- 165 Videos of me performing each exercise

- 32 Full workouts

- Split muscle group training

- Super sets, drop sets and advanced training methods

- Activation work

- Importance of warm ups

- 146 exercises

- Mobility/dynamic stretching

- Static stretching

- Motivational advice and tips on food, macro calculator link

- Cardio days and HIIT 



I worked so hard on this guide and i really hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it for you all, i wanted something to help everyone being advanced or just starting off training, this is suitable for everyone. Please be aware that this guide is GYM based.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS! *Please ensure form is correct before attempting these exercises and injuries you may already have are okay along side these exercises. I am not liable for any injuries throughout these workouts* If you have any questions please email me.

The 8 Week Full Body Guide

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